Friday, November 02, 2007


  • i love india night.
  • i love working at the library.
  • i love working at the library with people who organize india night so i don't have to go to the union for tickets after all.
  • i love when my mom sends me text messages.
  • i love getting packages.
  • i love getting packages full of clothing.
  • i love not having to pay for clothing because my mom likes sale prices.
  • i love free lunch even if the creepy guy at the ups bought it.
  • i love not being tired even though i'm exhausted.
  • i love jump rope teams.
  • i love closet jumpers and open jumpers too.
  • i love chocolate. mmm.
  • i love long naps and not working.
  • i love lots of people.
  • i love book tape.
is that strange? i really do. i really want to buy a roll for my own. but then i would probably use it on everything and then when i really needed it i wouldn't have any. but who "really needs" book tape anyway?
  • i love play dates.
  • i love ted and his cute little blue crib that's almost there but won't arrive til monday because tomorrow is saturday and no one should have to work on saturday.
  • i love books and reading them.
  • i love spanish and speaking it and reading it. en voz alta.
  • i love playing music and lunching with ren.
  • and so on.

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