Friday, November 09, 2007


my happy thought for today is people who are AWESOME.
i guess maybe it's my place to introduce labibi. labibi hails from diverse lands and times, speaks multiple languages and is just basically me if i were superhumanly-talented, beautiful, super amazing and goodness incarnate, which i'm not. which is to say that labibi and i share far too many quirks to be coincidental and our brains work very similarly, but she's a lot cooler than me.
labibi is one of one original member of my jump rope team and saves my life on a daily basis.
at the risk of my happy blog becoming a labibi blog, which is basically the same thing anyway, bienvenida a la blog, bib.


Mrs. Eliza said...

I swear, I check your blogs everyday and you write nothing. I don't read them for a week and you write everyday. I'm glad you wrote, don't get me wrong, I mostly saying shame on me and a little bit of why does that happen?

the anna said...

i don't know why that happens. i try to be better about writing, but i just get so busy.
i have one for today though. two actually, so i'll get on that.