Monday, November 19, 2007

like you sure could use some rest.

can i tell you the nicest thing that happened to me today? well, first my boss gave me a $0.50 raise and put a note on my check that said "thanks for taking care of me." (which is only the littlest bit weird. eek.) and that was nice, but then the big sign in the window had fallen down and i wasn't doing anything so i decided to get out the step ladder and fix it. only i'm just not very tall. so there i was in the front window just obviously NOT fixing the sign and these two army guys came in and put it up for me. and it was so nice. and then after they left it fell again and tara and i just decided to leave it until the boys came in to work, but the army guys came back! and laughed and asked for the ladder and fixed it. and then he came back again and gave us his card and said if we ever needed help just to call him cause he's usually nearby. how nice! and once, when i worked at CAIL in ft. douglas my car got majorly stuck in the snow and i was following my mom and she just left me cause she didn't know i was stuck and i didn't know what to do and then suddenly there were four army guys pushing me up the hill.

isn't that nice? and it was sunny today. and i got to eat lunch with kathryn which is always so much gallons of fun and i practiced and it's really funny. and

and my grandma gave me dolls.

and two people so far have volunteered to help with my classes. and

i just think people are a nice thing.
oh! when i go out to my parents' next i'm going to post some super awesome pictures. don't let me forget.

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Mrs. Eliza said...

Why haven't you posted the super cool pictures yet?