Friday, September 29, 2006

something like a phenomenon

today was a day for nice people.
my list says "email chica (over an hour)" i can't for the life of me remember what that means, but i'm sure it was WAY nice since it inspired starting the list.
rennie called me out of the blue. her nannying got cancelled so she sweetly offered to come with me to ppfh and help work on the URAED. so i decided to be nice in return and drive her to her farewell work dinner.
as i was leaving the library such a nice lady was so helpful and door holding for everyone. i was tickled pink and smiled like anything.
as i walked down the stairs by the dance building, an old man was walking up with a younger man helping him. the old man was saying, "the white knight is passing me by..." i don't know what it meant, but i enjoyed hearing at least that snippet.
then as i walked past the field house two girls smiled at me. and then one of them, looking a little sheepish, said, "you are so classy looking." i wholeheartedly returned the compliment as i had been eyeing her shoes for quite some time. i don't think my feet touched the ground again for at least an hour.
then in the tunnel i heard "what kind of magician needs two assistants?" again, i think sans context is the meat and drink of carefree happy laughing.
then as i waited for the train to a complete stop, the friendly driver waved and smiled to all of us on the platform. this niceness seemed quite contagious as the nice man next to me broke the barrier of train riding silence to tell me he thought it was neat that the driver would wave.
our work dinner was wonderful-o-rama (live music on the weekends at el paisa grill. plus the gas out there is the super cheap!) and j.j. almost danced for us in the parking lot.
then to finish off such a lovely day we didn't watch the movie cause we were having too much fun camera dancing.

suerte, all.