Thursday, November 29, 2007

an apple and the moon

thank you, liza, for reminding me.
i knew i would forget to post my pictures.

mercedes' daughters come to class with her. the other day joe was running an evaluation so i got to sit out in the hall and color with the girls.
they were using the stapler to make envelopes. this frightened me, but they demonstrated their "safe" techniques.
here's zaira's envelope.
and here's an offering from angie:
(that's an angel) and the inside:
(another angel!)
made just for me,
"it's an apple and the moon."

oh i adore children.
and the moon.
and children who intuit that i love the moon.
and apples.

i'm not ACTUALLY starving. it's just an expression

i always try to say thank you to people. it's become kind of like a game. i don't know if i can explain how.
i liked saying "thank you" to the lady sweeping the stairs at di.
i also liked the tone of surprise when she said "you're welcome."

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

derriere la miroir

after a lovely fun morning of touring the university, i was working at the library.
my cart was gone so i had to wait for my boss to give me a new project.
he soon did.
it was basically to consolidate some items. specifically the items (item records) for the fine arts locked case copies of derriere la miroir.
i got to work and it was fine and fun and passed the time.
then my boss came around to tell me that he had emailed the lady we needed to get the books back to and told her that he had his "best woman working on the derriere thing." and i thought that was a nice thing to say.

and he also thought it was funny cause even though in french it means "behind," in english it means "behind."

Friday, November 23, 2007

la luna

so at my parents' house i can sit at the computer and watch the full moon rise.

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am i

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it's seriously getting almost creepy.
every third car in the state CAN'T have my birthday for the license plate. it's impossible.
maybe i'm being stalked...
by a group of people...
and they all have my birthday for the license plate as code so they can know they're on the same team...?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

i haven't kept enough of a comprehensive tally for ocd to allow me to give you examples, but i have been seeing my birthday ALL OVER the place lately. and that's always nice.

Monday, November 19, 2007

like you sure could use some rest.

can i tell you the nicest thing that happened to me today? well, first my boss gave me a $0.50 raise and put a note on my check that said "thanks for taking care of me." (which is only the littlest bit weird. eek.) and that was nice, but then the big sign in the window had fallen down and i wasn't doing anything so i decided to get out the step ladder and fix it. only i'm just not very tall. so there i was in the front window just obviously NOT fixing the sign and these two army guys came in and put it up for me. and it was so nice. and then after they left it fell again and tara and i just decided to leave it until the boys came in to work, but the army guys came back! and laughed and asked for the ladder and fixed it. and then he came back again and gave us his card and said if we ever needed help just to call him cause he's usually nearby. how nice! and once, when i worked at CAIL in ft. douglas my car got majorly stuck in the snow and i was following my mom and she just left me cause she didn't know i was stuck and i didn't know what to do and then suddenly there were four army guys pushing me up the hill.

isn't that nice? and it was sunny today. and i got to eat lunch with kathryn which is always so much gallons of fun and i practiced and it's really funny. and

and my grandma gave me dolls.

and two people so far have volunteered to help with my classes. and

i just think people are a nice thing.
oh! when i go out to my parents' next i'm going to post some super awesome pictures. don't let me forget.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


don't you think that's a nice word? so much more... _?_ than "great".
as few of you know, i have lived since august on the edge of the grand canyon.
while this may sound like prime real estate, it's not.
parking is a pain and i just think the life of my tires was being rapidly eaten away. until today. today i didn't drive but walked to work and noticed that the 2 ft. deep pot holes i have been avoiding with mediocre success have finally been filled!
it was happy.

then i was working.
and my sister didn't want to wait for free chipotle so i was all alone. but then rennie was online and she wanted me to come meet her and on the way i found kathryn and there we all were in the middle of real life and it was great...grand even though we chickened out of chipotle. so we went to the london market and got some wonderful goodness and met all of our needs.
and even though i might have wasted some of everyone's time, i was grateful cause i was otherwise sad.

and look! they have special drinks for me in the england:

Friday, November 09, 2007


my happy thought for today is people who are AWESOME.
i guess maybe it's my place to introduce labibi. labibi hails from diverse lands and times, speaks multiple languages and is just basically me if i were superhumanly-talented, beautiful, super amazing and goodness incarnate, which i'm not. which is to say that labibi and i share far too many quirks to be coincidental and our brains work very similarly, but she's a lot cooler than me.
labibi is one of one original member of my jump rope team and saves my life on a daily basis.
at the risk of my happy blog becoming a labibi blog, which is basically the same thing anyway, bienvenida a la blog, bib.

know and be known

Estoy contribuyendo. Mi pensamiento feliz es hombres considerados. ¿Quisiera tener una pregunta porque tengo gusto de los signos de interrogaciĆ³n en espaƱol? Gracias.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sunday, November 04, 2007

there were never such devoted sisters

it's the jenjilyn's birthday today.
she's finally 21 so we can go clubbing together.
cause we're like that.
a lot.

jenj has 2 blogs. but they're secret and she never writes in them because she likes to make me sad.

happy birthday jen!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007


  • i love india night.
  • i love working at the library.
  • i love working at the library with people who organize india night so i don't have to go to the union for tickets after all.
  • i love when my mom sends me text messages.
  • i love getting packages.
  • i love getting packages full of clothing.
  • i love not having to pay for clothing because my mom likes sale prices.
  • i love free lunch even if the creepy guy at the ups bought it.
  • i love not being tired even though i'm exhausted.
  • i love jump rope teams.
  • i love closet jumpers and open jumpers too.
  • i love chocolate. mmm.
  • i love long naps and not working.
  • i love lots of people.
  • i love book tape.
is that strange? i really do. i really want to buy a roll for my own. but then i would probably use it on everything and then when i really needed it i wouldn't have any. but who "really needs" book tape anyway?
  • i love play dates.
  • i love ted and his cute little blue crib that's almost there but won't arrive til monday because tomorrow is saturday and no one should have to work on saturday.
  • i love books and reading them.
  • i love spanish and speaking it and reading it. en voz alta.
  • i love playing music and lunching with ren.
  • and so on.

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november? november?!!

i just want to say that i was pleased to notice this new feature of comment emailing because i always hate when i comment on something and then my newsreader is no longer effective because it won't tell me when other people have commented.
so if you comment, be sure to click the "email follow-up comments to" box so you'll know when i shoot you back a witty reply.

or if someone else says something.

or if i say something not funny but trying to be

which is pathetic.
and i need to stop this train of thought because this is a happy blog.