Wednesday, November 14, 2007


don't you think that's a nice word? so much more... _?_ than "great".
as few of you know, i have lived since august on the edge of the grand canyon.
while this may sound like prime real estate, it's not.
parking is a pain and i just think the life of my tires was being rapidly eaten away. until today. today i didn't drive but walked to work and noticed that the 2 ft. deep pot holes i have been avoiding with mediocre success have finally been filled!
it was happy.

then i was working.
and my sister didn't want to wait for free chipotle so i was all alone. but then rennie was online and she wanted me to come meet her and on the way i found kathryn and there we all were in the middle of real life and it was great...grand even though we chickened out of chipotle. so we went to the london market and got some wonderful goodness and met all of our needs.
and even though i might have wasted some of everyone's time, i was grateful cause i was otherwise sad.

and look! they have special drinks for me in the england:

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