Friday, March 23, 2007

pretty good year

today is a great day.
it's been a great week.
it's been a crazy week.
i'm not at all ready for school to come back and real life to go on as if this week had never happened.
beloved? fences? days of awe? have i read these books? no. (well, i read beloved, but i'm not ready for my presentation on monday, now am i? no.)

so. what started this week of greatness? i think i need to go back to last week, friday, the 16th of march. friday is as friday does and began this friday, as all fridays, at work. then i went to class, but then i went home. my sister picked me up and drove me to provo. we bought too expensive, but delicious, alfredo pizza and met my parents.
then my mom and sister and i went to div com.
then i went with jo and bells and todd and kev to the malt shoppe for shakes.
then i got to talk to carly and to jo and i slept over in the prov. then carly made breakfast and lexie took me to paul mitchell the school and i got my hairs cut and then i took the old familiar walk to the bus and i rode home.
once at home i changed my clothes and took myself to the slac to have another go at being inspired by andy warhol. i confess, i did not succeed. but bill viola (what very little i saw) was strangely too much for me.

sunday julia spoke in church so i got to see her and really everyone, which was so wonderful.
then monday i worked and learned a little about web design. and was offered a garden.

it was an offer i couldn't refuse.
and all this week i have been reveling in my good fortune and the unexpected goodness that comes with it.

tonight my good week continues as i'm heading to the prov once again to see jo and kev and esther dance.
and tomorrow is holi!

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