Sunday, March 04, 2007

how i adore life... i cannot ask for more

i always know things aren't good when i haven't posted here in a while. it means i'm being ungrateful. so.
what makes me happy?
today i was happy because of birthdays.
i think birthdays are so much fun. just always. fun for all. at all times.

friday i went to a karaoke birthday party for the awesomest ever becky jean.
i wasn't excited at first because i don't karaoke. but it was tons and gallons of fun as it always is over at the lovely ladies' on the left.

then i spent the saturday at my parents'.
then today was march 4, 2007.

do you know fran in my ward? i do. he's very nice.
fran's birthday was today.
he says it's easy to remember because if you say it out loud ("march fourth") it sounds like "march forth (...and conquer the world)"
i say it's easy to remember because it's my little sister's 4 month birthday. (along with my unusual skill at remembering birthdates.) that means today was my sister's golden month birthday (4 months old on the 4th)
so that's fun.

in honor of fran's birthday i kept myself awake in sacrament by making a fortune teller. then, while filling out my tithing slip, i realized the very best thing EVER about today:

it's a math problem!!!
(03.04.07: 03+04=07)
i think we should all start paying attention to this phenomenon. i'm just glad i haven't missed my chance (like my real golden birthday. i was only 10 so i didn't properly appreciate the coolness of it.) just you wait, kids. 04.10.2014 is going to be one rockin birthday party for me.

so the moon is full and i thought the weather was relatively comfortable today.
also, i had some success in the darkroom tonight, so i feel better about life there too.

i straightened my hair and i may be able to put off my haircut for another week or so, so that's excellent.
my credit card cycled so i can finally put some plans into action and get working on my summer of fun.
anything else?
i got to spend friday afternoon with the lovely and enchanting kathryn. we were stopped by a charming indian woman who asked to use kathryn's phone and then walked off with it. luckily she wasn't going very fast and we were able to keep up.

happy march, children. it's a month of kites. let's work on that too.


Mrs. Eliza said...

You are great at birthdays and numbers! Wow, I remember my favorite text on my birthday was from you. It was sent on January 19th at 1:19pm and said, "Happy Birthday at your Birthday time." I loved it. No one else thought to say that or watched the clock to make sure to send it at the exact right moment! That means a lot. I think we as humans are naturally very self centered. I've heard that our favorite thing to hear someone saying our name. And people (myself included) get very upset when someone mis-spells or mis-pronouces our name. Along with that we love being recognized and of all the day of the year we want to know that the day we were born is important to other people. So my long rant here is just to say that you, Joanna, are so kind to remember people's birthdays. It is a great gift to have. Also, it shows that you think about others, even on their 4 month birthday, which is amazing in it's self.

the anna said...

oh, liza, you are so sweet! i'm not really thoughtful. i'm just always on the lookout for reasons to celebrate. like tomorrow is my roommate's birthday so i took work off. (kind of)

birthdays on the clock are extra fun. people like you are lucky cause you can have 2 each day. (unless you're responsible) mine's no fun to see in the morning. just depressing.