Thursday, March 08, 2007

one of those days

today i really did hear the sunshine beating down in time with the rhythm of my shoes.
of course i was walking around when i should've been working, but it couldn't be helped.

my paper is done. i turned it in. it's not great. but it's ok.

i wasn't tired today. it was odd. but it was nice.

for tomorrow i have to read "young goodman brown" and "a rose for emily".
luckily, i already read "young goodman brown" so i can actually eat dinner tonight. i'm so excited. i think i'm going to make alfredo pizza with artichoke hearts. (oh! remember the pizza from jo's birthday? i could really go for some of that right now...) and also i'm going to make regular pizza cause some people don't like alfredo pizza (but i do. i love it.) and also i'm going to make soup cause i bought leeks for st. david's day and i better eat them or won't you feel silly?

also, i'm going to start writing a novel.
i'm not sure about if this is a good plan, but it sounds like fun.
i decided we should drink tea over at the new london market bakery and tea shop, but my inside sources say it won't be open until easter.
do you go on walking tours? i do. i don't mean to, but i seem to do a lot of them. in spain we had all these assignments where we had to walk around madrid and take pictures of places like cafe gijon (that was the most expensive and least worthwhile orange juice of my trip, i tell you what)
and in salamanca we got to walk around in unamuno's house (i have a secret crush on unamuno, who knows why)
and i decided as i talked at scott who wasn't responding that i would like to have a walking tour dedicated to me. even if i was only co-author of our book. we will have to be sure to take lots of pictures of our deep discussions and our familiarity with the tea shop. maybe we'll get a discount. afterall, since we are ensuring a long and prosperous future for their business by writing our book in their shop, they kind of owe us.

there are crocuses blooming in my parents' yard and tulips blooming in their not-dirt on the counter. my sister sent me pictures.

i don't have plants. it makes me cry.

i'm so glad it's thursday. can you tell?

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Mrs. Eliza said...

I would like to visit this tea shop with you sometime. Where is it located?

A walking tour of your life-I love it! What a great idea.

Are you writting a book with Scott or by yourself? What will it be about? That Tea store? Or will it just be written in there? I was a little confussed about that.