Saturday, December 01, 2007

until then we'll have to muddle through somehow

rob invited me to play in the snow.  i should've been busy as a beaver and accomplished real things for projects and working and life, but i was so excited to be invited that i just went anyway.  i even sledded down the hill two times.  and i never sled.  and i made my first snowman ever (out of REAL snow)
did you know you really do just roll it around until it gets bigger and bigger until it's huge?!!  it's true.  just like in the movies and cartoons!  only ours didn't get too big and chase us down the hill and around the park.  cause we were at the bottom of the hill.
see below.
(we didn't have a proper camera, but quick thinking liz used her cell phone.)

and then tammie made us all hot chocolates with peppermint candy cane pieces in it.
today is such a happy happy day.

y ahora viene la viv!

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