Friday, December 14, 2007

i love when people buy me lunch

this is a picture of my name on a burrito.

jason saved the night when my car was being a scary monster and we got our matching scarves! i was so happy i bought him two scarves. and he was so happy he bought me two scarves. and now we both have two scarves and we match.

and i found amigo bear at the toys r us.
here's a picture of lydia and amigo bear at the slumber party for angelina.

amigo bear is a friend to everyone, but i bought him to be a special friend for master tedwin tedward iii. whose birthday is still a mystery to us all.

and kathryn bought me the most perfect of perfect fingerless gloves with a mitten hat. and they even match ALL of my coats!

and rennie and i are officially friends.

what a good day, eh?

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