Wednesday, December 13, 2006

this is not a love song

today might be the best day ever. (and by today i mean the 24 hour period from 3pm yesterday to 3pm today)

it didn't start out great, it never does. i was about to go to work. i was talking to scott and being mad at myself for not having used the day productively to write my final paper due the next day. i told him that all i really wanted in my life was some warm, baked, tasty treats.

(no lie. look:

ichat says it looked like this: )

but it was almost time to go to work.
i picked up shannon at her house. and guess what shannon was carrying! a tray FULL of baked goods. she had cream cheese bars, and delicious pumpkin bread and brownies (even though she's off chocolate til christmas) AND she had a christmas mug of holiday funness just for me!!

so teaching ended up not being so bad.

i came home, and i still had to write that paper. so i sat down in front of my computer. and did nothing. finally i started re-reading my books. i wasn't feeling great, and i decided i needed to be pulled out of my funk.
i didn't really sleep all night. i finally took out my contacts, but i was reading intermittently until my alarm went off at 6:30. you can't argue with that so i got up and started writing my paper. by 11:15 i had 5/7 pages done and more to say.
rennie is like the best ever and even though i was supposed to take her out to eat she brought me veggie pizza from the pie. we ate and chatted and she read my paper and then i got back to work. i finished before 3. i took it up to straley's office, (linds' was on the top of the pile. i love roommate/classmates!!!!), waved to katie register, and got back to my car before i got a ticket. i was home and ready to go before shannon called.
when she did call it was to say she was running late and would that be ok? ok? it was great. i got to finish snacking and bask in my completedness for like a whole 'nother 10 minutes. AND i found this little piece of awesomeness. (wait a minute... no. it can't be! wait... it is!! rednama flowers is singing christmas carols!)
then we went to work and here i am.

why was this the best day ever? not a clue. but that's how i feel. plus, even if the paper ain't that great, at least it's done, long enough and moderately coherent. not bad for no sleep and one day.

3 down, 2 to go.

yes. i suppose i do keep track of my life based on my random chats with whomever i can sucker into listening to me. do you have a problem with that?

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