Thursday, December 21, 2006

i heard a record and it opened my eyes

do you know what today is?
today is the winter solstice. it is also a new moon. now, you might be saying, "what in the hoo-ha is happy about so much darkness and coldness?" and you'd be absolutely right. it is difficult to be happy at times like these, and that is why we have Christmas in the winter: to make us happy.
but children, you must look at the bigger picture.
today is happy because it is the shortest day of the year. that means from now until june the days just get longer and more sunny and eventually warmer. the moon is now waxing instead of waning and all hope returns.

plus. i got to go to lunch AND shopping with rennie and we made the totally awesomest EVER rhinestone rat.
(ask, but not now.)

and ice cream. chocolate ice cream is always a happy thing. mmmmm. i'm happy just remembering the ice cream.


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