Tuesday, November 07, 2006

what we know as buildings

first of all, if the moon was shy on sunday night, he made up for it last night.
he shed all his clouds and inhibitions, let go of the mountains and stood shining, unashamed in all his glory as the sky went from dusky blue to deep black. it's true, as val said, he wasn't as beautiful as he had been, but he made up for it with his confidence. he used the gauzy clouds to his advantage and wore his age well.

second of all, the sunshine is still hot enough to warp a wayward cd case in my car. and to make the dandelions blossom. i like dandelions. i think they're adorable. and they're so free with granting wishes.

third of all, today was not really the best day for happy times, but in other ways it was excellent for happy times. i took the day off. i shouldn't have, but i did. i got up at 7, got to school by 8:30 and had my paper done by 11:30. too bad classes started at 9:10 and the paper was due at 10:45. oh well. just to even things up i skipped my last class and wrote the test for work. it paid off, the students are now taking the test and i have at least started planet of the apes. i mention this little lapse in judgment because it occasioned a number of unusual events. 1- i studied on the first floor of the lib. 2- i used the mac lab in the mbh and it actually printed when i asked it to. 3- i hung out in the lnco (it didn't used to be unusual, but it is lately) 4- i sat in on a class about propaganda. 4- i saw michael colson. 6- i saw katie register and walked her to class. and 5- i got busted by the professor of my first class. "at least now i know you're alive today." oops. but she smiled as she walked away.

fourth of all, i got to eat lunch in tandem with linds. she came home flaunting her thai food so i just had to call in an order of my own.

fifth of all, i got to skip out of work early to vote. that's just the kind of responsible citizen i am.

sixth of all, i got free frosty coupons from my mum. very fun.

and now i'm going to bed.

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