Sunday, November 05, 2006

it's a great idea

my friend suggested to me that thinking positively was a good thing.
i like lists. i make them lots.
i like to make lists of things that make me laugh throughout the week.

and, if we're lucky, we may hear from said friend every now and again.

bagels in the morning. (even though we didn't actually go, it was nice.)
my mom bought a personal library kit and matching "rock on" t-shirts
$2 t-shirts
mintnight snack at coldstone
my dad and i winterized the garden, but mostly my dad
my mom wore a rockin-awesome, hip-out-your-mind outfit to the birthday dinner (coordinated by me: cold-turkey t-shirt, jeans, jen's gola shoes and my orange corduroy jacket.)
i got to see al and esther and emma
i got to see the paul taylor dance company (rather fun, to say the least)
i got to see vivian and becky and erin. i got to meet ben.
i got to see joanna newsom live. AMAZING!
i got to make new friends with an old acquaintance. (or at least try)
i saw jen suflita!!! (it has been ages since i slept in her bed in my sister's dorm room while she was off hiking in the mountains)
i got to talk to my brothers-in-law on the internet
i got to eat my third meal from lunch with the ever enchanting rennie (but that was yesterday... yesterday was fun too.)

goodnight, children.

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