Monday, November 09, 2009


i like the weather in ohio.
two nights ago we were outside without jackets in the dead middle of the night. not cold.

yesterday we took a nap outside. it's november.

i like the trees in ohio.

i like that the weather promotes a proper fall with fall colors and crunchy leaves under foot.

i like aldi in ohio.

i like moses in ohio.

i like the signage in ohio. there's lots of it. i like that they have "500 ft" signs that tell you what street is the upcoming intersection. it decreases slamming on the breaks as you pass the street you were supposed to turn on.
i also like that a lot of times when roads merge together everyone gets to keep their own lanes. at least for a little while.

i like how people talk in ohio.
it's subtle but there's a definite niceness about it.

i like my room in ohio.

i like the houses in ohio.

i like that the lake is so pretty and close.

i like maria crazy for lakewood history in ohio.

i like the west side market in ohio.
especially the pistachio cheesecake.

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