Wednesday, February 06, 2008


i woke up at 8 and looked outside to see snow falling fast and furious. so i decided to go to work later than usual. because i can.
i woke up at 10 to the sound of lilli singing the little mermaid.
and i had someone to tell it to.
i was up until 3am last night playing with to do lists and chatting about silliness like a.i. (which i promise i'm not geeky enough to like. it was just a conversation i was having. i promise. unabashedly nerdy, but not a geek!)
i talked to my redheaded russian sister and looked at the pictures of my sweet baby nephew (did you even know that i had a nephew? cause i do! and he's the best one ever. see here.) while lilli listened to old school shakira in the shower.
the sun was shining while i walked to school.
and kathryn invited me to lunch.

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Mrs. Eliza said...

It's about time you wrote something again. I love you!