Wednesday, October 31, 2007

research on chemical intermediates

i got a new job...uh...task at work today. i now get to do a little check in.
i love new things. it's so energizing. and i need energizing since i'm here all day today to make up for having slacked off yesterday AND friday.
i even get to put the stickers on!

also in the happy vein is hairspray.
now. i'm not huge for movies (though i once was...) especially new movies, but sometimes you really need to watch a film.
i don't have a television, nor do i have much normal social interaction, so i don't normally hear about movies. i had, however, heard of a film called "hairspray". i knew nothing of it save that my receptionist at work mentioned watching it frequently and encouraged me to see it. she never told me what it was about. yesterday she said she had dressed up like the girl from the show for a halloween party. " know, like sixties and my hair went whoop..." so now i knew sixties and that it could inspire a halloween costume, of which i am in dire need. i had been feeling a rare desire to watch a movie all day, but i had thought of "riding alone for thousands of miles" (which i still need to see, if you're interested) but now with the promise of costume ideas and knowing that if alyson liked it, it would be slightly silly, i decided i needed to watch "hairspray."
i was happily surprised to discover that this particular silly movie was a musical.
it was just like a dcom! it was great. i thoroughly enjoyed myself. and poor miles was such a good sport to come along (even though i think he immediately regretted his offer to keep me company.) he even felt the need to speak in musical for the whole ride home. it was funny. i was laughing.

still no costume, but that was such fun adventuring i felt it deserved a post.


jen said...

silly jo! now I want to see it

the anna said...

we can go tojuntas.
it will be fun.
except i only need to see the last like 15 minutes...