Monday, June 11, 2007

to russia, my homeland

today was a day for free things.
i walked to work so that didn't cost me any money. when i got there i checked my email and discovered that they were giving away some painting supplies. i said i would be interested, if no one else was, and they said i could have the finishing wax (which is what i really wanted.)
then i ran some errands. then i went to my other work and this guy came in with a box of stuff. it didn't surprise me too much; people are always bringing stuff in to my work. but then j.j. started taking stuff into the office and asking me if i wanted ice cream. of course i wanted ice cream, but was it a joke? what was the catch? what was he driving at? turns out the guy was j.j.'s friend who works at some kind of organic food store. they were getting rid of stuff that was going to expire in 14 days so i got free raspberry sorbet AND free free-range eggs. then i got free dinner, dessert and a concert at my gma's.
and then i came home and my roommate had made cookies. she said i could have one.


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Mrs. Eliza said...

If that isn't the happiest day I've heard of I don't know what is.

PS my old manager, Rob, used to always mockingly say, "If it's free it's for me, and I'll take 2." I don't see what's wrong with free.