Friday, April 06, 2007

it's hard for me, but i'm trying

so. apparently i'm on this midlake kick and so i've been listening, (um, that's the definition...)
anyway. so just the other day i was thinking that sometimes the music goes all 70s folksy. and then i had that song in my head so i put it on the blog then i saw that the link wasn't working so i went to fix it and i couldn't remember if it was the .net or the myspace so i went to both to choose and on the myspace he was all like "...The sound is something more related to 70’s folk rock but not in a gimmicky way, hopefully."
so that made me feel good.

cause you know when people ask what kind of music you like and you say "i don't know" and they think you don't listen to music?
or like you talk about a band and they don't know it so they ask what kind of music it is or what it sounds like and you have to say "i don't know"?

and then in survey of jazz you just were crap at quotes, but then in the middle of the night, years later, you're listening to christian mcbride at your friends' house and suddenly you're like "oh wait. that was a quote." and it totally was and your life is complete?

not quite that good, but a similar feel.

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