Thursday, February 08, 2007

countdown to awesomeness

funny face:
The image
if you don't come to my party.

The image
if you do.

1day left!!!

a midnight snack buffet.
february 9, 2007
show up at 11pm. not (too much) before, and, seriously folks, not after.
you must
come dressed to the nines . (we'll have a bouncer at the door)
you must
bring your favorite midnight snack to share. (and be willing to share. no hogging the graham crackers and milk.)

come. come dressed up. come bearing food.
all are welcome.
(provided they come dressed up, with food.)


the fashion forecaster said...

i'm impressed with the embedding

Buddy said...

i'm most impressed by the jaco pastorious with sam&dave (a personal favorite), well done.