Thursday, January 18, 2007

beating down

something happened to me today that hasn't happened in a long time: i received warmth and not just light from the sun.

i have often thought, and said, that winter is only worth anything because of its symbolism. with this mentality i somehow make it through each winter. (well, that and chanting death cab's "i don't mind the weather; i've got scarves and caps and sweaters. i've got long-johns under slacks for blustery days." like a mantra.)

so today as i stepped out of my house completely bundled i didn't notice the minor dripping from the roof, until i realized that it wasn't dripping into a (truly lovely, even to me) ice sculpture in the grass, but into a puddle. my heart quickened and i looked over my shoulder at the sun as he slowly made his way west and said hello. then i looked back and saw in the grass the familiar green color that my eyes have missed for so long. it's a peculiar green, a different green than just grass green that i can't describe to you except to say that it only happens when the sun is happy. i made my way to the parking lot and realized that i was slipping in slush and not on ice.
then in the car (thank goodness for my over-eager magnifying glass-like windshield) i was honestly hot and spiritually revived by what i can only imagine was a much needed dose of vitamin d ("the sunshine vitamin").

"how i love all of the very simple things of life..."
thank goodness for sunshine in january.

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